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Who we are

The cooperative society PERGO is based in Sedini in the province of Sassari. It was founded in 1999 by a group of young people who have been successful in making their ideas a reality by managing a centre, situated in Castelsardo, which had already been in use for many years as a holiday centre for children and young people. The aim was to offer the youngsters the best this part of Sardinia has to offer, from culture and history, to the sea and entertainment. At present, motivated by the increasing demand to reach out to a greater variety of people and cultures, the cooperative has turned its attention towards attaining a wider client base, young people and families alike. With this aim, it is trying to offer all the services and facilities which can make a holiday on our marvellous island a unique and unforgettable experience, all the time within a comfortable, entertaining and family friendly environment.
Thanks to the choice we have made to manage a youth hostel, which in itself is a domanding and difficult task on one hand, yet on the other hand rewarding and satisfying, we have managed to attain our aim. By viewing this not as the end of our work but merely as the start, our beliefs grow,evolve and become ever stronger. This in turn guarantees the professional improvement of those who work with the guests, and allows the employees to meet the ever increasing demands of those who want to escape, even for just a few days, from the routine of day to day life, to relax in harmony with nature and in the company of new friends.

Sedini: the headquarters of the cooperative

Sedini is a small village in the province of Sassari. Its main characteristic is that it is situated in a valley surrounded by rolling hills near the sea. The village froms an important part of the island's culture, being home to many historical and artistic monuments. Amongst the most important is the Domus de Janas, an extremely interesting cave carved out of the rock in which photographic exhibitions, cultural activites and shows are often organized. The nuraghic village "Lu Padru", the monastery of "San Pancrazio", the monastery "San Nicola di Silani" and the churches "La Madonna del Roasrio" and "Sant'Andrea"(dated back to the XVII century and the XVI century respectively) are amongst many other interesting places to visit in the area. In April the Sedinise calendar has important events, including the typical Holy Week activities. In May there is the rural festival of San Pancrazio with horse racing and on the 30th November there is the religious feast day in honour of the patron saint, Sant'Andrea.

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Sedini: church of S. Pancrazio
Sedini: church of S. Pancrazio
S. Pancrazio falls
Sedini: S. Pancrazio falls